Meetings In our Area

Meetings can be an important part of recovery for some people.

Most are a twelve step programs that an individual works on at their own pace.

To search for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings on the web go to Washington County meetings are listed in District 14.

To search for Nar-Anon meetings on the web go to: Find a Nar-Anon Meeting,  Enter your zip code to locate meeting nearest to you, you may also go to:  Crossroads

These meetings are held in the WDAC Conference Room on the Third Floor at 90 W. Chestnut Street:

Monday night womens’ NA meeting – Diamonds in the Rough – 7:30pm

Thursday night AA meeting – Thursday Night Trudgers – 7:00pm

Friday night AA Meeting – Good Orderly Direction – 6:30pm

If you know of any other local meetings please send the information to us at
Meetings can be just as important to significant others/ family members too.  For a listing of those meetings visit Support for Family Members page on our website.