gambling free photo from MorgueFile file000745382336Not everyone has a gambling problem

For 97% of people, gambling can be an enjoyable recreational activity.  For the remaining 3%, it can be a serious addiction which takes hold before the gambler realizes what is happening.  The result can be devastating to one’s relationships, finances and personal health.

Our prevention department educates the youth about problem gambling    You might think that our youth doesn’t have to worry about gambling but the fact is they start to gamble at an early age with things like sporting events, lottery tickets, card games.   The two evidence based programs that our prevention department uses for youth are Stacked Deck and Wanta Bet.

Youth aren’t the only ones impacted the gambling addiction.  It is also causing problems with adults especially seniors.  What might start out as a form of entertainment can become an addiction.  To raise awareness the prevention department presents at program called “Gambling Away the Golden Years” that talks about the dangers of gambling addiction and warning signs.

To schedule either one of these programs please contact us at 724-223-1181 ext 113.