Youth Gambling Prevention Programs

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WDAC provides two different free gambling programs for youth.  Listed below are the two programs and what they cover.  If you are interested in scheduling, please call us at 724-223-1181 extension 113.



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This curriculum is provided for schools by our prevention department and is proven effective in changing youth gambling behaviors.  By teaching youth to approach life as smart risk-takers and weighing the pros and cons of their actions youth will be better equipped to determine the odds of achieving positive results.The six interactive lessons focus on the history of gambling; the true odds and the “house edge”; gambling fallacies; the signs, risk factors, and causes of problem gambling; and skills for good decision-making and problem-solving.

The goals of this program are designed to:

  • teach young people the facts about gambling and related risks

  • encourage responsible decision making

  • prevent young people from becoming problem gamblers

According to the most recent Pennsylvania Youth Survey the overall self report of those taking the survey, 15.3% of the youth have gambled over the past year and 8.8% in the past 30 days.  Most people would assume that it was the lottery when in fact 20.6% reported that they had bet on a sporting event and 12.5% bet money on table games in the past year.


Kids don’t gamble, right?   Wanna Bet? 

According to the most recent completed Pennsylvania Youth Survey from 2011, across the state of PA shows that 13.9% of 8th graders and 7.9% of 6th graders who took the survey have gambled in the past year.  The highest area was betting on sporting events.   Let’s face it.  Gambling is a part of everyday life: the lottery, church festivals, fairs, Chinese auctions, 50/50 fundraisers for groups to name a few.  Most people don’t think of it as a problem and for most people it isn’t a problem. But for 3% of our population gambling is a serious addiction before the person realizes what is happening.

Wanna Bet is a curriculum for grades 3-8, designed to discourage underage gambling through improved critical thinking and problem solving.

The students will:

  • have a greater understanding of gambling facts.
  • increased perception of gambling regularly as harmful.
  • decreased favorable attitudes toward gambling among friends of the same age.