Washington County Speaks Survey Results

 2017 Washington County Speaks Survey Report  

Here are some of the conclusions from the 2017 Washington County Speaks Survey conducted throughout Washington County.  For the full report click here.

  • Most adults tend to think youth drink alcohol primarily due to peer pressure and secondarily because they think it is a way to have fun.
  • Most adults tend to think youth use tobacco products due to either peer pressure or parents who smoke and/or chew.
  • Adults identify the primary reason for use of other drugs by youth as pressure from friends.
  • A notable percentage of adults surveyed attribute use of ATODs to parents who use ATODs.
  • Adults surveyed think youth get alcohol from older friends who buy it for them or from home.
  • More than one of every three adults surveyed identify sources within the home as the primary way youth get alcohol.
  • The predominant source of access to tobacco identified by adults is from older friends who buy tobacco products and give them to underage youth.
  • Half of the adults surveyed believe youth get other drugs from their friends and schoolmates.
  • Both adults and youth believe parental use has a lot of influence on whether or not youth use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.
  • A high percentage (85% to 95%) of adults have consistently said they believe adults should engage in a number of actions to reduce youth alcohol and drug use over the years the WCS-Adult survey has been administered.
  • Nearly all adults are aware of the law related to purchase of alcohol.
  • A small percentage (3.4%) of the adults surveyed said they would allow youth under 21 yrs. of age to have party where alcohol is served.
  • The percentage of youth who say they have used alcohol or other drugs without discussing it with a parent, teacher, or counselor has declined over the past eight years.
  • A smaller portion of the WCS-Youth Survey sample reported they know how to use their school’s Student Assistance program in 2017.
  • The percentage of youth who are sure they can refuse alcohol if their friends offer it to them declined in 2017.
  • The percentage of youth survey respondents who say use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or marijuana by their friends is not OK increased in 2017.
  • A smaller percentage of the survey respondents believe “most kids my age” drink alcohol, use tobacco, and/or use marijuana than in past years.
  • The percentage of all youth surveyed who say kids their age can get alcohol and marijuana declined in 2017.
  • Smaller percentages of the youth surveyed in 2017 indicate kids their age use other drugs.
  • Alcohol and marijuana are identified by most youth surveyed as the primary substances used by kids their age.
  • 13.3% of underage youth responding to the survey say their parents allow them to drink alcohol if they know about it.
  •  3.3% of the youth surveyed say their parents would allow them to have alcohol at a party if the parent was home.
  • Findings from both the WCS-Youth Survey and the PA Youth Survey support a conclusion that alcohol use by underage youth is a significant problem in Washington County.
  • The use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco declined in 2017; however, PAYS data indicates vaping and e-cigarette use by youth is a notable problem in Washington County.