I’m ready to get help – what is the process?


Most insurance companies provide coverage for drug and alcohol addiction.  Call the member services number on the back of the card for more details.  If you do not have any insurance and are a Washington County resident,  Washington Drug and Alcohol is the agency of last resort and will help you to access treatment.   Call WDAC at 724-223-1181 and choose option #1.  A short screening will be done over the phone.  This screening involves  answering a short questionnaire and takes about 8 – 10 minutes to complete.  Depending on the situation, a referral may be made to an outside agency for an assessment or an appointment will be made with our office.  Before the appointment, it is required that a medical application be filed with the Dept of Human Services and proof of that is required before the assessment will be done.


What to expect during an assessment appointment.

Proof from the Department of Public Welfare will be required before an assessment can be competed.  If the paperwork has been supplied, a Case Manager will  conduct the assessment.   The assessment usually takes at least one hour. Once the assessment is complete the case manager will make a recommendation for treatment.

Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. (WDAC) contracts with a network of licensed drug and alcohol providers within and outside of Washington County, providing a full continuum of drug and alcohol treatment.  These licensed agencies provide various levels of care for drug/alcohol treatment including co-occurring/complex conditions (mental illness and substance abuse) treatment.   Services range from basic services, methadone treatment, traditional outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs to the most intensive residential programs.

What happens next?

If the recommendation is accepted; all arrangements will be made with the appropriate treatment facility by the case manager. For inpatient treatment this also  includes setting up transportation to the treatment facility.

The Case Manager isn’t  finished yet.  They  will continue to conduct reviews with the treatment provider throughout the drug and alcohol treatment stay to help provide continuity of services.  Not only does the Case Manager follow the treatment at the treatment facility, but also the follow-up treatment if necessary.  They facilitate links to services to help improve basic life skills, housing, educational or vocational opportunities, parenting skills or other needs that are available in our community.