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No one wants to hear the word relapse after going down the road to recovery.   But remember, recovery is a process and sometimes a very hard process to go through.  Not everyone can stay on that path. Remember recovery is possible!  This is a bump in the road.


Recognize the things that may have led to the relapse and learn from it, then get back on the road to recovery.

Some of the things that can contribute to relapse:

  • Not changing habits- people, places, things. By not changing those things temptation  can cause one to go back to old habits and fit in which can lead a person back to full addiction.
  • The misconception of a controlled use.  Remember how addiction controlled everything.
  • Euphoric Recall – Remembering fond memories of use ( for example:  feelings after use, acceptance)  and not remembering the pain and problems that addiction caused.  Remember the progress you have made and how different and better life is without the use of drugs or alcohol.
  •  Some medications may trigger  cravings.  Make sure to be honest and open with your medical doctors, dentist, etc.
  • Failure to pursue a pathway to Recovery ( 12 Step program, Faith Based, practical/smart recovery).  Remember it is a lifetime journey. Never think that it doesn’t take work to stay on the road of recovery.
  • Anger, loneliness, disappointment, hopelessness are some warning signs that may lead to thoughts of using or relapse. Remember  to have a good support system in place and contact them when experiencing any of these feelings.
  • Boredom – get involved – volunteer somewhere, go exercise, read a book, call a friend, do a crossword puzzle, anything to keep a positive focus on things.

Remember the road to recovery will have many ups and downs,
and turns, keep a positive attitude, never give up and look to a future free of addiction.