Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)

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What is a CRS?

A CRS is a Certified Recovery Specialist who works closely with the Case Management staff to assist clients.   The main goal is to focus on the recovery process.


What do they do?

  • The CRS initializes the client into early recovery and positions them for long term success.
  • They work to facilitate seamless transitions in level of care changes to ensure that the client remains engaged in a continuum of care.
  • They give assistance accessing various community resources (education, housing, transportation, recovery supports, etc).
  • Gives guidance on the recovery process and recovery education.
  • Helps to develop a Personal Recovery Plan.
  • Will provide Telephone Recovery Support.
  • Introduce and engage the client in the recovery community.
  • Provide support before, during and after treatment.
  • Will do advocacy work.
  • Will provide outreach to individuals in early recovery.
  • Assists with Recovery Support Groups.
  • Makes referrals to the Case Management Services.

These services are all free of charge to any Washington County Adult Resident.  If you are interested in Certified Recovery Specialist services, please either call us at 724-223-1181 and choose ext. 123 or send us a message with the following information:  In the subject line please type CRS and someone will contact you.  The e-mail address is Erichc@wdacinc.org