Middle School Programs

Middle School Programs

WDAC Prevention Department is able to provide the following free programs at the middle school level.   Click on the program to get the full description from the developer of the model program.

Too Good For Drugs

Free single presentations are also available.  A brief description of each is listed below.

Drugs and You

This one-time presentation is an overview of a variety of drugs. This program will review names of drugs, how they are administered, what they look like, and how they affect the body.

Drug Video Programs

These video programs can be used individually or as a recurring program. Each lesson consists of a video followed by a short discussion and/or worksheet review. Video topics include the following ; Alcohol and the brain, Inhalants, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Alcohol in the family, DUI and Binge Drinking.

Refusal Skills

This one time presentation reviews strategies students can use to say “no” in high pressure situations. The lesson allows students to role play several situations in which they can use one or more of the refusal skills learned.

Dealing with Our Losses

Six- to eight-session group designed to help support students who have experienced a personal loss (relative, friend, pet, etc.).  Focus is on understanding the grieving process, identifying one’s stage in the process, and learning a variety of coping skills to assist with moving forward in life.  The dangers of turning to substance use as a coping method are discussed.  If warranted, students can be referred for more intense individual counseling.