March is Gambling Awareness Month…. Youth and Gambling.

Wait they aren’t old enough to gambling is what you are thinking.  You are correct is saying they aren’t old enough but that doesn’t stop gambling with youth.  Youth who are around gambling mimic what they see and gambling has been around forever. Think about March, most associate March with March Maddness and the basketball bracket or how about Football Fantasy especially if they are into sports.  Even those that aren’t into sports have gambled with video games, games of skill such as pool, bowling, etc.  How about younger students that go to places playing games with tokens (now they have cards) to win tickets to trade in for a prize.  Of course, what about birthday cards, Christmas and other holidays they are given a lottery ticket to scratch off.  Can they claim the prize if they win… NO, they aren’t old enough. But they are scratching it off to see if they won and if they do win an adult will have to claim the prize.