Gambling Awareness Month…So What is Gambling?

Gambling is putting something of value at stake (usually money) on the outcome in hopes to win something of more value.  Some gambling can be a game of chance like the lottery, slots, scratch off tickets or bingo.  Some other forms might be gambling on some skill like poker, playing pool, bowling, etc.  Some might be on outcomes of games such as a football, basketball or other sporting event.  Some forms of gambling we don’t even think of as gambling such as raffle tickets, Chinese auctions, fundraiser tickets, even think of games for kids where they put a coin in to win tickets to win something big, or to win something that they want in a video game.  Gambling is anytime you put up money or something of value in hopes of winning something of more value.  Remember 3 out of 100 people have a gambling problem and can’t limit themselves and that is when it becomes an addiction.