FASD Awareness Day – September 9th

FASD stands for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, this term is used to describe a disorder that occurs when a woman drinks alcohol while pregnant.  There are no safe time to drink alcohol when pregnant, so why risk the health of your unborn child.   FASD can influence your child all of their life. Why risk it?  Give your child the best start in life you can give them.  FASD is 100% preventable, give them your 100% by not drinking!

Here are some of the signs of FASD.

  • Children born with FASD will have distinctive facial features such as a small head, their eyes will look different and weigh less than normal babies.
  • Children born with FASD can have problems with their organs, including their heart and kidneys.
  • Children born with FASD will have difficulty learning and memory for their entire life.
  •  Children born with FASD will have difficulty with attention and a higher than normal level of activity (hyperactivity).
  • Children born with FASD will have speech and language delays, a low IQ,  and poor reasoning and judgment skills.

NO amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe.  It is best to refrain from drinking any form of alcohol if a women is pregnant, trying to become pregnant or not using an effective form of birth control.  The reason for this is that she may be pregnant and not know and expose her unborn child to alcohol.  At week 3,  the heart, brain and nervous system is being developed, most women don’t even know they are pregnant at that time.   In week 4,  the eyes, ears and limbs are being developed. This is usually about the time that most women find out they are pregnant with some not finding out until weeks 6 when the teeth and mouth are already being formed.