April is Alcohol Awareness Month…I only had one drink.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and this month we will posts facts you may not know about alcohol.  You may have heard someone say…I only had one drink.  That may be true but not all drinks are the same and not all bartenders make the drinks the same. For example, a glass of wine (5 oz. size) can be equal to 1 to 2.75 standard drinks because of the alcohol content of the wine.  A Long Island Ice Tea is usually 16 oz. and considered to be one drink but is equal to 6 standard drinks because of the alcohol content.  Women’s bodies tend to process alcohol less efficiently than men.  Therefore, a woman may reach a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) faster than men but men remain intoxicated longer.   Of, course everyone is different and reacts differently to alcohol but on average it takes an hour to fully process a standard drink.  So, one Long Island Ice Tea would take 6 hours to be out of the persons system. But drinking two of them within an hour could lead to alcohol poisoning.
Source: DDAP and NCADD.org