April is Alcohol Awareness Month…. Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Youth are so into the energy drinks, but drinking alcohol and energy drinks together is very risky. Because mixing the caffeine in the energy drink that speeds your body up and makes you wide awake and the alcohol which slows the body down, makes your body confused. Mixing the two can lead to what is called a “wide-awake drunkenness” where they don’t feel the full effect of the alcohol which can lead to drinking more alcohol and may lead to alcohol poisoning or death. The person may fall asleep or pass out and never wake up again. Did you know that even after you quit drinking your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level continues to rise in your body? It does, so even if a person passes out the alcohol content will continue to risk in their body to a possible deadly level.  Know the signs of overdose, help save a life.
Source: DDAP Brochure: Alcohol and Energy Drink Mixtures and NCADD.org